quarta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2013

Feels Like Home

Been down the back roads
Where the girls are homegrown
That southern dame’s so
Sexy how they talk slow
And something happens in the woods of Kentucky
Drinking moonshine, bon fire, pour the gasoline

Farther south
Where the sweet tequila flows
Tiny clothes, Yo te amo, México
Señoritas, we are sippin’ margaritas on the beach
They got something you can’t teach

I’ve been all around, all round the world
Every single part, every part of the world
Touching down in Rio, Monaco, LA, Tokyo,
But it all just feels like home
And it all still feels like home
And it all just feels like home
And it all still feels like home

Rock out in Bangkok, where the party, don’t stop
Eyes open, blood shot
Seeing things I’d never thought
Sweatin’ in the heat
God I love the way they speak
Burning up the streets, dancing like a freak

CHORUS [repeat]

So many things to see
So many eyes to meet
I couldn’t count them all if I had eternity
So I just want you to know
Everywhere that I go
You take a piece of me

Beijing, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, to tango
Moscow, Cape Town, showed us how to get down
London, Berlin, this is where it all began
San Juan, Sydney, can’t forget the NYC

CHORUS [repeat]

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